Razor Gator® is the world's first disposable razor cleaning tool.
Razor Gator keeps your disposable razor running smooth no matter where you drive it.
razor gator razor extender extends the life of razors and reduces razor burn and rash
Razor Gator Breaking News Archives

11-15-2008: Alligator Laughs at Police Officers
10-11-2008: Study Proves Razor is Most Germ-Infected Item
Gators Take New York City
Skin Acids And Their Effects On Your Razor Blade
Razor Gator eases world water shortage
Dirty Razors Are Bad For Your Health

04-22-2008: Earth Day Celebrates Razor Gator
01-30-2008: Reduce my Carbon Footprint? Use Razor Gator.
01-19-2008: Razor Gator fights MRSA Staph Infections

01-12-2008: Florida Gator Eats Robber
Governor Crist Enjoys Razor Gator
National Champion Drew Kimberl World Games

Gators Collide with Airplanes
10-01-2007: We Groom This Funky Planet
09-17-2007: Tazer Gator--Student Tazered at Univ. of Florida
08-10-2007: Razor Gator Caveman pwns Geico Caveman Ad
06-25-2007: Razor Gator Video, Panama City Beach, Florida
04-13-2007: Razor Gator team dispatched to Gator-Man Site
02-23-2007: Razor Gator Ringtone!
01-02-2006: UF Gators BCS Championship
01-01-2006: Razor Gator Myspace Contest
12-25-2006: Three For Six
11-24-2006: Cleanliness In Japan
11-06-2006: Fire Destroys Part Of Gatorland
09-04-2006: Crocodile Hunter Dead
08-15-2006: Razor Gator Anthem Released
07-19-2006: Razor Gator Research
06-22-2006: Gators Invade Neighborhoods
05-30-2006: Razor Gator Does Daytona
04-04-2006: Razor Gator Apparel
03-29-2006: Headblade
02-11-2006: Cincinnati Gentlemen Magazine Interview
12-01-2005: Save The Internet



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