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Extending The Life Of Razor Blades Leaves Users Dry Part 2

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Or you could shave less. Men can grow a beard, for example. For women, well, letting hair grow is an individual choice.

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Sharp solutions

These ideas, used individually or together, are free:

Shake it up. With a loose wrist, shake the razor vigorously for several seconds to dislodge water droplets from blades. Or tap the razor handle on the edge of the sink.

Towel it off. Blot, don't rub, the blade cartridge on a towel or dry washcloth.


Razor Gator Razor Extender - Extend The Life Of Razors

Blow it dry. Use a hair dryer or fan to dry blades of the razor. Don't blow dry razors too long or you might end up spending more on electricity than you save on razor blades. About 10 seconds should suffice.

Put it away. Store your razor outside the bathroom to avoid steam and humidity from showers getting to blades. Or store the dry razor in a resealable plastic bag.

Soften hair. To the extent that wear results from contact with whiskers instead of oxidation, shave only after softening hair with a moisturizing soap. After applying shave cream or gel, don't shave right away. Allow time for hair to soften further.

--Gregory Karp

Source: Chicago Tribune


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