Razor Gator® is the world's first disposable razor cleaning tool.
Razor Gator keeps your disposable razor running smooth no matter where you drive it.
razor gator razor extender extends the life of razors and reduces razor burn and rash
Razor Gator For Athletes

A few thoughts on Athletics and the advantages of Shaving Smooth with Razor Gator:

Athletes look and feel better shaven. Muscles and curves are more defined , shine brighter and encourage an improvement in athletic image.

Smooth skin makes athletes aerodynamic, which could save microseconds of time--the difference between victory or defeat.

Hair acts as an insulator to keep in heat. Shaving smooth allows excess heat to escape, so you stay cool.
In cold weather, body sweat stuck to hair has been known to freeze.

Shaved skin accepts taping of injuries better and there is less pain in removing bandages, too.

Smooth skin may allow lactic acid to escape quicker in post-workout rubdowns.

In bicycling and track, leg and arm hair creates a net that traps bugs–which increases drag and rider distraction.

Athletes that wear padding to reduce injury often see less contact abrasions on hairless skin.

Ever try to get into or slip off a tight uniform with too much body hair?

In close contact sports like football and wrestling, hair can pull. Smooth skin on arms and legs reduces grip friction, makes them slippery when wet and harder to grab.

Shave Smooth. Use Razor Gator.












Razor Gator

Razor Gator for Basketball

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Razor Gator for Football

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Razor Gator is not associated with the University of Florida Gators, Gatorade, or RazorGator Ticket Sales.

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